Redrum Patterns
For a one off payment of $4 you can get instant access to download a Reason song file (.rns file) that contains 12 individual Redrums that have been pre-programmed with a total of over 300 drum patterns.
The 12 Redrums are in the following musical styles: Funk, Rock, Disco, Pop, R&B, Ballad, Reggae, Bossa and Cuban and they will provide you with a starting point, upon which you can build your own creative ideas.
The Redrums all use the default Disco Kit RDK patch and none of the patterns have shuffle applied to them. So by using a different patch or loading in different samples into the Redrum channels, changing the tempo, applying shuffle or Regroove patches, you can create your own unique patterns to use in your music.

To purchase the Reason file for the Redrum patterns, click the 'Buy Now' button below.
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Once payment has been made you can download the Reason file from the 'Downloads' page.